These resources are made available thanks to the commitment and involvement of partners from across Ontario.

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Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)

Experiential Learning

Welcome to OCTE's Online Resource Site! Teachers are encouraged to amend, revise, edit, and adapt this material for educational purposes. Please read this Disclaimer prior to use and note that many external websites are referenced in order to engage students. Should you find a broken link, please email Christine German at to update as required. Here is additional documentation to support the delivery of your programs in a distance learning environment.

We sincerely thank the School Boards who contributed to our Curriculum Consortium opportunities, as well as the Ministry of Education for making the creation of these resources possible. A very special thank you goes to our Project Managers:

Overall Leads: Dave Lewis, Bob Fularski, Chris Tucker & Christine German

Secondary Resources: Bill Fetter, Joe Valerio and Editor Danny Santarella

Elementary Resources: Ingrid Munson

Specialist High Skills Major: Chris Tucker & Christine German

Experiential Learning: Lee Ann Armstrong

Marketing Campaigns (coming soon!): Veronica Kleinsmith and Design by Jennifer Patterson

Safety Documents (coming soon!): Roy Smith

Web Lead: Paul Fraser

French Translation: Mario Blouin