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Elementary STEM Toolkit Project

This Elementary STEM Toolkit project is designed to introduce Grade 7 and 8 students to STEM and the 10 broad-based technology (BBT) areas in high school.  A toolkit of materials has been designed for each BBT, which may be purchased through the listed suppliers or can be purchased locally (i.e. at the Dollar Store). 

A number of teaching resources have been developed to help teachers deliver this content that is linked to the Grade 7 and 8 curriculum, including curriculum connections for each toolkit by subject area, a Teacher Guide presentation, pre-, during and post-activities and 15-20 curriclum-linked challenge cards for each STEM Toolkit.

STEM Toolkit Overview

Teacher Guide Presentation (includes all links needed for classroom delivery)

Teacher Guide Powerpoint Version

 Toolkit Materials
Communications Technology

Green Screen & Challenge Cards

Computer Technology Microbits & Challenge Cards
Construction Technology Makedos & Challenge Cards
Green Industries  Seed/Garden Kit & Challenge Cards
Hairstyling & Aesthetics Mannequin Head & Challenge Cards, Microscope & Challenge Cards
Healthcare Microbit, Bone Fix, Blood Pressure & Challenge Cards, pH & Challenge Cards
Hospitality & Tourism Cake Decorating & Challenge Cards, Napkin Folding & Challenge Cards
Manufacturing Technology Popsicle Stick Kit & Challenge Cards
Technological Design Tinkercad and 3D Printing & Challenge Cards
Transportation Technology Elastic Car Kits & Challenge Cards


Click here for a Google Drive Folder of All Challenges Cards