past safety minutes

When careless, working with computer technology can be dangerous which is why it's important to stay alert to the task at hand. Threats can be detected and avoided with these five simple tools. Read and print a copy of our Computer Safety Tips to ensure a safe and productive classroom.

Communications Technology is not always on our safety radar as much as "hard" tech programs but it is just as important to consider ergonomic safety elements when working with computers. Read this basic checklist on ensuring the health and safety of employees (and students) using computers and print a copy of this "Proper Computer Posture" infographic for your classroom.

Before you head into your shops, labs and kitchens to use various types of equipment, please be sure to have your students complete a Safety Passport!

Hot work on containers, including welding, grinding and cutting, is one of the most dangerous operations in industry. Before even thinking of doing a project that could lead to disaster, please consult the Engineering Data Sheet 4-14 on welding and other hot work on containers.

Implementing student safety passports increases awareness and safety when working in Technological Education facilities. Click on resources, then subject specific to find the SAFEdoc documents for your discipline