board affiliates

As an affiliated board, you get Ministry of Education press releases pertaining to Technological Education or new funding delivered right to email inbox.

You are directly connected to OCTE Executive members who can answer your questions regarding qualifications, training, and safety.

Your member teachers and staff receive individual membership in OCTE at no cost to them. This includes all of your secondary Technology and elementary STEM teachers. Every member registered through your board affiliation receives discounted OCTE annual conference and special meeting registration rates.

Networking with other OCTE members across the Province allows you to see what other boards are doing so you can make decisions about your own best practices.

Resources such as Health and Safety documents, lesson plans, SAFEDocs and more are at your fingertips so you can support your professional teaching and learning staff.

You are invited to attend and participate in Ontario Skills Competitions and initiatives.

You can nominate fellow teachers for various awards recognizing excellence in technological education across the province.

Your board members are invited to write Ministry of Education curriculum documents that could be adapted to set standards for province-wide practice.

Being part of OCTE committees gets you in on the ground floor for decisions that impact your teachers and staff and the success of your students.

Most importantly, OCTE affiliated boards share in the professional work necessary to keep tech education at the highest standards so we can focus more energy on our students.

Questions? Contact the Board Technological Education Leads group at