panels overview

Teenager with long blonde hair, backpack and skateboard walking away from the camera

OCTE secondary and elementary school panel members are lifelong learners who are dedicated to OCTE's mission to standardize safety and encourage leadership, collaboration and sharing resources among technological education teachers in Ontario.

They are always learning themselves, adding certifications in emphasis areas, special education, ESL learners, co-operative education and guidance to offer the best personal package to their teaching role. They strive to help students discover their own interests by exploring technology.

OCTE members rise to lead in their schools, supporting clubs and school-wide initiatives, breaking down walls and helping their academic-minded peers realize the ways that technological education is truly embedded in all the core subject areas. They become school administrators who consider the impact of tech programs in their school community and board leads who care about delivering experiential education that works for real student success. Many tech teachers in OCTE lead in other organizations as well, like OCEA, (Ontario Co-operative Educators Association), and OCPA, the OYAP Coordinators' provincial affiliate.