Writer for OCTE Elementary Safedocs

The Ontario Council for Technology Education (OCTE) is developing a resource for Elementary Teachers that includes a guide of the safe use of hand tools and machines found in elementary schools in the province. This resource will be hosted on the OCTE website that continues to be a “one stop shopping” site for Technology Teachers to provide up-to-date safety resources.

OCTE is calling for writers who are current OCTE members and are currently employed as Elementary Science and Technology teachers and have a background working with hand tools and machines with students to develop instructional safety resources for teachers that align with the 2007 Science and Technology curriculum document.

Writer’s main responsibilities will include a document that includes the:

1. Basic Safety Considerations when students are using tools

• ELL Considerations

• Cultural clothing considerations

• Safety quiz

2. PDF Booklet that includes the following for each tool above:

• Safe Use

• Diagram with proper vocabulary

• Safety precautions

• Maintenance

• Safety Quiz specific to the tool

• PPE needed

• Anchor Chart

The following knowledge and skills would be of benefit to the writer:

• Knowledge of the safety components and expectations in the revised Grades 1-8 Science and Technology curriculum policy documents;

• Excellent personal communication skills;

• Excellent writing skills including the ability to work in Word or Google Docs;

• Organization and prioritization skills;

• Accuracy and attention to detail;

• Manage timelines

An honorarium of $1500 will be paid in 3 stipends with the balance owing upon completion of the project. The honorarium includes all additional costs such as mileage, meals, etc. that will occur over the course of the project.

The OCTE website supports teachers in all corners of the province and provides not only a consistency on the delivery of subject specific safety instruction, but also supports curriculum expectations, assessment & evaluation, differentiated instruction as well as other Ministry of Education initiatives.

To apply, send a resume to scullyi@hdsb.ca including the application form. Applications must be received no later than noon, Thursday, April 25, 2019.

Application Form

Additional Information

The OCTE executive, Education and Elementary Committee members will work with the Project Lead to upload the Elementary SAFEdocs to the website.

The resource will:

• Support Elementary Science and Technology teachers within Technological Education

• Demonstrate and outline appropriate safety planning and procedures for working with materials and equipment when conducting curriculum-linked activities

• Support teachers by providing safety procedures necessary to plan and supervise safe student learning activities in a classroom

• Clearly link safety to curriculum expectations

• Contain tools that will provide sustainability and awareness for safety in Elementary Technological Education

• Develop materials in both English and French where possible, linked to the English language and French language curriculum policy documents (Phase 2)