Take Tech

Coming Soon to the OCTE Website-Take Tech

Technological education provides students with confidence, ability and opportunity to be successful in any situation.

Take Tech is a resource site dedicated to the promotion of technological education and will be of value to parents, students, educators, administrators, employers and anyone who is currently enrolled in technological education, considering taking technological education and exploring the pathways and advantages associated with technological education.

The intent of this resource is to:

  • Expose more students/parents/administrators and employers to technological education
  • Ensure our students are prepared for post secondary life
  • Build community connections
  • Provide opportunities for real life skills and experiences
  • Deliver information in an engaging manner

Amongst the information found on this resource site are province wide marketing materials. As always any and all input is welcomed. If you have suggestions for improvement and content please contact us at https://www.octe.ca/en/contact-us/comments