Support Success for All Students

In November 30, 2017, the Ontario Ministry of Education released the following memo:

Following the Ministry of Education’s recent announcements regarding the equity action plan, enhanced well-being strategy, updated curriculum and the expansion of experiential learning, this memo provides details on additional funds available to district school boards over the next four years. These funds will support the implementation of the recommendations in the Highly Skilled Workforce Strategy: $33.35M for 2017-2018, $37.85M for 2018-2019, $40.35M for 2019-2020, and $40.35M for 2020-2021. This memo outlines the breakdown of funding for 2017-18. A breakdown of funding for future years will be communicated in a similar fashion in the Fall of each year. Throughout, the work will focus on deepening implementation of schools’ education and career/life planning programs, with an emphasis on:

Expansion of Community-Connected Experiential Learning: K-12 and Adult Learners

  • Creation of a new and dedicated Experiential Learning Coordinator in every district school board;
  • Enhancements to support the expansion of experiential learning experiences;
  • Expansion of Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Programs;
  • Supporting outdoor education.

Promoting Multiple Career Pathways, Skills and Competencies

  • Continuing the Deeper Conversation on Education and Career/Life Planning for educators through ongoing professional development;
  • Updating the Career Studies course;
  • Fostering successful transitions to postsecondary pathways for students with developmental disabilities;
  • Expanding Dual Credit programs for adult learners; and
  • Increasing students’ exposure to science, engineering and technology fields and developing global competencies.

It is important that we leverage our collective knowledge and skills from our shared successes. To create coherence and realize the goals outlined in Achieving Excellence: A Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario, boards are encouraged to coordinate the use of funds within various funding envelopes to support all students to become personally successful, compassionate, and contributing members of their communities. This may include, but is not limited to, the Learning Opportunities Grant, the Renewed Math Strategy, the Continuing Education and Other Programs Grant and the Indigenous Education Grant.

We are committed to ensuring that all students, from a young age, are given equitable opportunities to develop competencies and skills to make informed choices, and have experiences that allow them to identify and pursue their passions and explore pathways to apprenticeship, college, community living, university or work. When we help students make more informed decisions, we promote the development of a strong sense of self/spirit, foster well-being and better position them to reach their full potential.

View and download the full memorandum here.