Queen's University Technological Education multi Session Program

Queen’s Technological Education Multi-Session Program

Recognising the need and the difficulty for trades and technology to enter a faculty of education due to the two year requirement, Queen’s University has developed a new pre-service program for those wanting to become a Technological Educator.

Starting in May 2020, this full-time program provides a variety of learning experiences, including face-to-face and online learning. Courses are taught in class one weekend a month, in an area that is convenient to the majority of the teacher candidates.


  • 6 successive terms over 24 months. Starting in May, the program is delivered face to face, online and in a blended format both on and off-campus and runs Summer, Fall/Winter, Summer, Fall/Winter.
  • Face to face courses are delivered over 3 weekends per term for 4 terms plus 2 Julys here at Queen’s University, Faculty of Education.
  • Teacher candidates complete 18 weeks of placements.
  • Eligible candidates may elect to work in an Ontario school under a Transitional CoQR while attending the TEMS Program. Candidates may also choose to continue working in the industry while attending this program however successful completion of practicum requirements must be fulfilled within the program guidelines.

Upon successful completion of the first session (Spring/Summer One) of the TEMS Program, candidates are eligible to apply to the Ontario College of Teachers for a Transitional Certificate of Qualification and Registration (CoQR). With a CoQR school board employed candidates will gain valuable practical experience in instructional settings which are related to the areas of concentration of the candidate's program of professional education while employed.

To find out more, please go to: https://educ.queensu.ca/tech-multi