Overview of recommended protocols for Secondary School Welder Training Programs

Hello Educators,

Some of you have reached out to us here at the CWB Welding Foundation for

guidance on welder training protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand

the importance of keeping educators and students safe during these uncertain

times. To help you deliver effective welding training as safely as possible, we

are providing a document that outlines recommended protocols for secondary

school welder training in pandemic conditions.

This overview was written by David Hisey, who is the Chair of the CSA W117.2

Safety in welding cutting and allied processes and the Canadian HSE

representative to the International Institute of Welding. He reached out to

several knowledgeable and trusted individuals in his network to prepare this

overview for you.

We hope this document will provide adequate guidance for secondary school and

CWB Welding Foundation welder training programs, but please note that it should

not be used as formal direction from the CWB Group or CWB Welding Foundation on

matters related to program safety. Schools and training organizations are

encouraged to confirm relevant safety directives with their school boards and

relevant government agencies.

Access the document here: Overview

of recommended protocols for Secondary School Welder Training Programs.

It is also available as a PDF for easy printing. The document is currently only

available in English. However, it will be featured in the winter edition of

WELD magazine in both English and French in December.

We would like to hear from you if you found this document helpful, or if you

have further questions. Please let us know by email to info@cwbweldingfoundation.org.