OCTE Request for Proposals - Elementary STEM Toolkit and Materials


OCTE is designing a toolkit with technological education challenges as an opportunity for elementary classrooms to integrate technological education with connections to curriculum.  The toolkit will include a number of STEM materials that connect to the 10 high school broad-based technoogy courses (BBT), as well as consistent TakeTech branding that also promotes SHSM, OYAP and Experiential Learning programs.

At this time, OCTE is accepting proposals from businesses with the STEM materials and capacity to create these toolkits that school boards and schools can order for their classrooms.  With 67 school boards who have affiliated with OCTE and a total of 3900 elementary schools in the province of Ontario, we anticipate a significantly large order for the toolkits.  We are excited to work with a collaborative industry partner or partner organizations to create this engaging STEM toolkit, a streamlined user-friendly ordering process and a price point that will allow for maximum project impact based on a significant bulk order.

We invite industry organizations with the capacity to partner on this project to review the full Request for Proposal with all of the relevant details below.

Elementary STEM Toolkit Project - Request for Proposals

Please submit your proposal to Christine German, Manager of Growth and Innovation for OCTE, by Wednesday May 26th at 4:00pm at cgerman@octe.ca.