OCTE Program Writing Opportunities! Closing next Wednesday May 20th!

A significant number of your school boards are collaborating with OCTE through new Curriculum Consortium projects and opportunities in the areas of Technological Education Online Resource Development, Safety Document Updating, Specialist High Skills Major and Experiential Learning Experience Development and Provincial Marketing Campaigns in all of these areas.

To move forward, we are putting out a new Expression of Interest to participate on all of these program writing teams. We plan to hire a significant number of writers to share their expertise in these areas and to create a large number of resources that will be available to our teachers over the next few months. Program writing opportunities are available to OCTE members only. If you have yet to do so, you are able to register as a member here.

To express your interest in participating, please complete this form by next Wednesday May 20th at 4:00pm.

We have a very quick turnaround time due to the urgency of some of these resources. As such, we have simplified the process to completing this form that allows you to attach your resume. Thank you for your consideration and we are excited to work with you to offer substantial support to teachers across the province through these resources!