Glengarry Students Compete to Build Wind Turbines

December 17, 2019 (Glengarry, ON) - On Thursday, December 12, 68 Grade 7 and 8 students at Glengarry District High School participated in a competition to build working model wind turbines, having industry professionals judge their work.

Students researched and drew design plans in class for three 1-hour sessions in the lead up to this event. The project is modelled after the Skills Ontario Green Energy Challenge. Skills Canada runs competitions each year to promote careers in the skilled trades and to promote the skills necessary to have successful careers in the 21st century.

Throughout the day, students worked with their team using hand tools and a set list of materials to construct a base, a blade system, and then attach both pieces to a small DC motor. Most groups opted to use gears in order to increase the power output of their turbines. At the end of the building time, the turbines were placed in front of a fan and voltage output was tested for each group. Each group had to present their design to a judge and discuss their challenges with the build and their solutions.

Each project was scored based on design, quality of construction, oral presentation, teamwork, and voltage output. There was a tie for first place between Team 9, which consisted of Rachel Fraser, Trey Ladouceur, Crystal Lacombe, and Sarah Wilkie and Team 6, which consisted of Jaden Magill, Esther Gandia, Katrina Cooper, and Lindsay McPherson. The top recorded voltage output was 1.37V, which was Team 17 consisting of Hailie Noseworthy, Sierra Etherington, Ronan Nystrom, and Trenton Primeau. Team 17 came second overall.

“A huge thank you goes out to OYAP for sponsoring the materials to make this challenge possible,” says organizing Teacher Lindsey Howes. “Also, we want to thank our community judges who volunteered their time, including Brady Dubeau from Hydro One, Roch Brunet from McDougall Electric, Pat DiRico from Pratt & Whittney, and Robert Arcand and Hugh Grant from the UCDSB Maintenance Department.”

The top 4 participants will compete in the regional Skills Ontario competition in March, a Skills Canada qualifier.

Lindsey is a dedicated elementary educator and an 2019 OCTE Teaching Excellence award winner.