finding funding to attend an OCTE conference

Why is OCTE so important?

As technological teachers united across Ontario, our voice will be stronger and clearer if represented by a provincial association.

OCTE provides resources, documents and valuable information to teacher candidates, new teachers, board leads, principals, OYAP leads, SHSM leads, curriculum leaders, department heads, advisory councils, the Ministry of Education, and now the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development with a major focus on teaching tech with the highest safety standards.

We provide opportunities to network and collaborate at conferences, online, and at the board level to create valuable partnerships with industry and create the leadership of tech ed in Ontario. As OCTE grows, we will continue to demonstrate the power of great people thinking together.

Is there financial assistance for membership or conference attendance?

OCTE membership automatically entitles you to a discount on your conference registration. You may be able to access funding or discounts from a variety of sources to support this valuable professional development.

Is your board affiliated?

Check the drop-down menu on the individual member registration page to see if your board is already affiliated. If so, get the code from your board lead to join OCTE at no cost to you. If you have already paid, you will be reimbursed.

If your board is not already affiliated, ask your board lead if they want to be and direct them to this site. The cost varies based on size of the board and the number of teachers.

What if they don't want to affiliate?

Check with your department head to see if your board / school will support professional memberships/conference funding.

Ask your your principal if another school fund envelope could cover it.

Ask your board lead, OYAP coordinator, SHSM lead, student success lead, co-op consultant, subject council chair, union representative, technological teaching coordinator, experiential learning coordinator about professional development funds that may be targeted from their area for to supporting you membership and/or conference registration. If you are in your first 2 years of teaching you can ask the NTIP (New Teacher Induction Program Coordinator).

And if all else fails?

Consider paying the fee yourself as a tax deductible investment in making your tech ed career easier and safer.