membership overview

membership benefits include

  • Discount on Conference registration
  • Access to all OCTE resources
  • Industry Partner discounts
  • Networking and professional development opportunities
  • Employment opportunities in resource development
  • Advocacy support for technological education teachers
  • Technological Education Awards
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Registration covers the school year from September 1-August 31.

Dictionary page with definition of

Individual Membership

For elementary STEM, design, and tech teachers; secondary tech teachers; and co-op teachers who want to be "in the know" for their tech and trade placements.

Board Affiliation

Boards that want to standardize safety and encourage leadership, collaboration and sharing resources among teachers can affiliate with OCTE to encourage teachers to become members at no cost. Your cost is based on teacher numbers. Once affiliated, you will receive an introductory message with a link and code to send to your member teachers to allow them to register. Any of your members who had previously registered individually will be refunded.

Board Administrator / Board Lead / School Administrator

As a Principal, Guidance Department Head, or program coordinator for SHSM, OYAP, Experiential Learning, Co-Operative Education, or other specialized tech ed programs, OCTE membership will allow you to connect with other board leads and admin across Ontario to share resources and ideas and deliver top-notch technological education.

Post-Secondary Educator

Educators in apprenticeship programs, SCWI, dual credit partners, colleges, and universities will have access to up-to-date information about what is being taught in order to target and tailor program connections.

Teacher Candidate

OCTE provides discounted membership to teacher candidates. Full access to OCTE member resources means incoming tech teachers get the benefits of specialized training and begin to build networking relationships with experienced teachers and industry partners. At the moment, we're offering teacher candidates affiliated with our post-secondary education partners.

Industry Connection

An industry membership means that your business or trade organization can participate on industry advisory issues, has an exhibitor table at our annual conference, and will be listed on our industry partners page with a link to your site to showcase your offerings to OCTE members.

Retired Member

We offer a discounted rate for OCTE members to continue to offer the benefit of their experience and remain associated with their peers after they retire from teaching.

member testimonials

"I really felt that there wasn't a source for help available to me at first when I found myself teaching a course that I haven't taught before. I went to a safety awareness meeting at my board and the person there presented the OCTE range of safety resources and all the exemplar projects with the SafetyNET project. The lesson plans, handouts, quizzes, even videos are there for some, and it showed me that I can arrange a safety binder for my classroom to be my professional backup for anyone that comes into my room. I got some best practices from teachers with experience. Without OCTE that resource wouldn't be there."

New Tech Teacher, May 2016

"I'm so glad I got the email that our board was affiliated and that all I had to do for my membership was find out the board code from my tech lead. Then I did the rest of my registration and I was an OCTE member with discounts for conference and access to the resources."

New Tech Teacher, March 2016

"I learned so much about what other teachers are doing in their classrooms, and comparing that helped me develop my own resources for TGJ, TIJ, and TEJ. It has definitely had me question the way I do everything in my room."

Erin Carey, April 2013

"Learning and doing the SafetyNET project has been a real eye-opener for me in that I did not place enough emphasis on safety when writing curriculum, nor had I near the documentation, instructional strategies and assessment strategies required to not only provide a safe working environment, but to ensure the due diligence required as part of our professional practice. Because of this, I have made it my mission to continue an enhancement of the projects I do with of course, a focus on safety."

Sergio Borghesi, June 2012