Exploring options and connections is key to a great organization. OCTE's elected executive is responsible for advisory, financial, insurance, archival, legal, and procurement tasks and all have voting rights. Committee vice-chairs, also elected, have roles and responsibilities as defined by the constitution and bylaws. They are supported by other OCTE members who volunteer on the sub-committees listed below. Ad hoc committees can be created as needed for specific purposes. Leads are appointed by the executive to liaise with members on specific targets and tasks.

Annual General Meeting

OCTE's Annual General Meeting happens once a year during the May Conference. The intent is to involve as many representatives from all across Ontario e.g. elementary and secondary educators, post-secondary stakeholders, government liaisons, and industry partners. It's also when elections are held for the executive roles as necessary.

Executive Meetings

The executive generally meets monthly and are in constant communication via email. If you have something that should be discussed at the executive level, please contact our administrator to have the issue tabled for the agenda. If it's something that a specific committee addresses (as noted on the committee pages) please contact the main Vice-Chair of the committee. Click here to access past meeting minutes.


The following sub-committees are made up of elected vice-chairs, appointed leads, and dedicated volunteers who perform various functions and liaise with the executive and OCTE membership as needed. Click on the sub-committee title to read more about the role of each group.

executive roles

Photo of Dave Lewis

Dave Lewis, Chair

Dave ‘retired' in June 2017 from Halton District School Board as the Coordinator of Technological Education and Pathways. He has also worked as a Manufacturing Technology teacher, department head, coordinator, Guidance and Coop teacher and been very involved over the years developing programs in SHSM, OYAP, Dual Credits and Robotics. Dave is a passionate voice for Technological Education and Pathways within the HDSB and across Ontario, sitting on many provincial committees lobbying for the expansion of Technological Education and the "re-culturing" of our system to value all post-secondary destinations. Dave is committed to working hard as OCTE Chair to continuing to grow the association and strengthen the voice for Technological Education in the province.

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Photo of Paul Fraser

Paul Fraser, Past Chair (appointed)

Paul has been a classroom teacher for over 20 years. In June 2017, he retired from his position as the Technological and Science Education Consultant for the Durham Catholic District School Board. Paul has an educational background in Aerospace Engineering Technology from Ryerson and worked in the manufacturing, mobile equipment, light rail transit, and aviation sectors as a designer, manufacturing and quality assurance engineering technologist, and operations managment for several years before becoming an educator. Paul is very passionate about technological education, especially raising the profile of all technological educators and providing avenues for professional development.

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Photo of Bob Fularski

Bob Fularski, Treasurer

Bob looks after all the financial details (tracking expenses and auditing budgets), for the organization. He works closely with the administrator. He has been a leader and contributor as well as being a member of many committees. His involvement includes supporting Skills Ontario and is our subject association representative with the Ontario Teachers Federation (OTF)

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Photo of Bill Fetter

Bill Fetter, Secretary and Provincial Technological Education Board Lead

Bill is a dedicated educator and teacher consultant with the Greater Essex County District School Board in southwestern Ontario. Bill has been a member of OCTE for many years and has been re-elected as vice-chair on the Technological Education Board Leads, a sub-committee of OCTE. Bill has written curriculum and developed resources for technological education courses and likes to collaborate with others in the interest of promoting technological education. Bill has presented at the annual OCTE Conference in partnership with Public Services Health and Safety Association and promotes technology programs.

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Committee Vice-Chairs & Leads

Photo of Veronica Kleinsmith

Veronica Kleinsmith, Vice-Chair Secondary-Communications

Veronica is currently the Instructional Program Leader for Technological Education and OYAP Coordinator for the Halton District School Board. Veronica is a strong supporter of Technological Education and believes in putting students first in order to help each student to discover their own pathway. She currently works with the HDSB SHSM board lead as well as OYAP and SHSM program leads to ensure student success on many levels. Veronica has been involved in OCTE project management, writing and taken the lead on many HDSB safety initiatives.

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Photo of Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker, Vice-Chair Elementary- Stakeholder Relations

Chris is the current Technological Education and SHSM Board lead for the York Region District School Board. He has experience with teaching both elementary and secondary technological education as well as co-op and has spent several years as a secondary guidance counselor. Chris uses his combined experience to work with industry and post secondary partners to support student transition activities, with an emphasis on experiential learning. Through this work he is supporting elementary teachers with how technological education can be incorporated into their classrooms.

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Roy Smith, Vice-Chair Secondary-Education

Roy is the Technology and SHSM Consultant for the District School Board of Niagara. With the needs of our students ever changing, Roy believes it’s the great wealth of industry experience of our Technology teachers that will continue to meet these needs and help our students become the next generation of skilled workers.

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Photo of Mario Blouin

Mario Blouin, Francophone Lead and Provincial Technological Education Board Lead

With over 30 years of teaching at École secondaire catholique de Hearst for the CSC des Grandes Rivières. Mario is a Robotics, Manufacturing and Design instructor. He’s also head of technology and the SHSM coordinator. For the past 27 years he’s been participating with his students at the skills competitions, he also coordinates the trips for the school board to attend the OTSC and CSC competitions. He's been co-chairman of robotics at the OTSC for the past 15 years. He’s been an active member of OCTE since its beginning. He’s worked on the development of the portal OCTELAB. He’s in charge of translation and the French representation within this organization. His goal is to increase the participation of French educators to OCTE’s activities. He looks after the survival of technology in French in Ontario.

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Photo of Ingrid Munson

Ingrid Scully, Vice-Chair Elementary-Education

Ingrid is an intermediate teacher from the Halton District School Board and is a passionate advocate for Technology Education in elementary schools. Ingrid has been a part of several initiatives throughout the Halton District School Board and province, including co-facilitating Halton's Applications Room Safety Training and co-writing the Council of Directors of Education Health and Safety document, "Student Safety in Elementary Science and Technology Grdes 7 and 8." Ingrid is an Elementary Vice-Chair and Vice-Chair Human Resources.

Email the Vice-Chair Human Resources

Photo of Kevin Caughlin

Kevin Caughlin, Ontario Principals Council (OPC) Rep

Kevin is a retired Secondary Principal from the Halton District School Board. Before entering into school administration, Kevin was a technological studies teacher and department head in the Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board. He continues to be passionate about promoting Technological Education and Pathways in support of student success across the province. Kevin represents the Ontario Principals Council on the OCTE executive.

Industry Representatives

Photo of Clarke Perry

Clarke Perry, Industry Representative

Clarke is thrilled to offer his time to the OCTE Executive. As a marketer, having worked with many School Boards in Ontario throughout his career, Clarke’s unique “outside” perspective is welcomed sitting on OCTE’s Marketing, Conference and Finance committees. Clarke has always been a strong proponent for Technical Education needs and awareness in Ontario and continues to help drive that message in this role.

Photo of Derek Murphy

Derek Murphy, Industry Representative

Derek Murphy is the General Manager for global services at Studica Ltd. In this position he is responsible for Studica’s consulting services, product development and education offerings. Derek has more than 25 years in the education technology and design industry, with the last 20 spent focusing solely on education and training. Derek provides a wealth of manufacturing and technological design experience. He regularly speaks at key business and industry events. His key areas of expertise are Robotics, CAD/CAM, Design and Technology, and the curriculum development process throughout education.

Board of Directors

Photo of Audrey Cartile

Audrey Cartile

Audrey has long been an advocate of Tech Ed with tech teachers, administrators, Ministry staff, and stakeholders. Her wealth of experience includes: 10 years developing policies and programs, including TEPERF, Specialist High Skills Majors, Dual Credits, Cooperative Education, and the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) at the Ministry of Education; leadership positions at the school and board levels with the Durham Catholic Board, including 9 years as Curriculum Consultant for Tech Ed; serving on the executive of the Ontario Technological Education Coordinators (OTEC) with a role consolidating all the Tech Ed associations into OCTE; and leading the development of the Ontario College of Teachers' guidelines for the Basic and Advanced Tech Ed Additional Basic Qualifications (ABQs) and starting the development of Schedule F. In May 2012 Audrey was recognized with OCTE's Technological Leadership Award for her work at the provincial level. She was also on the team that received the IPAC Award for innovative program development for the SHSM program as well as two Amethyst Awards while in the Ontario Public Service. Audrey is retired and is currently assisting several non-profit organizations on education-related initiatives.

Photo of Aldo Cianfrini

Aldo Cianfrini

Aldo retired this past June from his position as an education officer with the Ministry of Education, where he was responsible for the Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM) and Technological Education programs. He also sat on the OYAP provincial advisory committee as well as the Student Injury Prevention Initiative (SIPI). Prior to his work with the Ministry, Aldo enjoyed a 25-year career with the Halton District School Board as a construction technology teacher, department head, and coordinator of Technological Education, Co-operative Education and Business Studies. In the past, Aldo was the first Chief Administrative Officer of The Centre for Skills Development and Training; CAO of the Halton Learning Foundation; member of the Board of Directors of Skills Canada Ontario and National Board of Skills Canada for many years; and held leadership positions with the Ontario Technical Directors Association (OTDA) and the Technological Education Coordinators and Consultants organization (OTECC), the two organizations that guided the establishment of OCTE. Aldo has also been lead instructor for many Technological Education Honour Specialist programs and numerous additional qualification courses related to technological education, co-operative education and Design & Technology. At present, Aldo is an instructor with Brock University’s Technological Education PreService program and is doing consulting work related to health & safety and apprenticeship enhancements with school boards and industry associations.

Photo of Kevin Graham

Kevin Graham

Kevin retired in January 2018 from the District School Board of Niagara after a 31-year career, during which he served as a technology teacher, Consultant for Technology, Special Initiatives Facilitator and Student Achievement Leader for Technology, SHSM, OYAP, Skills and Outdoor Education. Kevin lead a team of 7 in expanding and enhancing Technological Education, SHSM, OYAP, Co-op and Skills programs at the DSBN. He was also responsible for developing an innovative Outdoor Education Campus for the students at the DSBN – raising 4.2 million dollars for this project. Throughout his career Kevin has been very active in promoting Technological Education not just within his own school board but Provincially, Nationally and Internationally. Kevin has worked with the Ministry of Education in Curriculum writing and reviewing and was one of the founding developers of the Specialist High Skills Major program and implementation guide. He served as Vice President of both the Ontario Technological Directors Organization (OTDA) and OCTE. Under his direction the DSBN developed an international building program for students and partnered with Global Village to build 7 homes in Paraguay, El Salvador and Vietnam. Kevin has taught AQ Courses for Brock University and continues to teach for Queen’s University. His passion for Technological Education has been recognized at the highest levels. Kevin was the recipient of the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence, the Dick Hopkins Award for Excellence in Technological Education, the Premier's Award for Excellence in Leadership, the Directors Award of Excellence and he was inducted into the Klaus Woerner Skilled Trades Hall of Fame.

Photo of David Graves

David Graves

Dave retired from the Halton District School Board where he worked in many different positions including Electrical Teacher, Head of Technological Education and Coordinator of Technological Education. Dave has been involved in several projects with the Ministry of Education including acting as lead reviewer for curriculum subject profiles, various alignment projects, Specialist High Skills Major writer, and OYAP data tracking initiatives. Dave has also been an instructor for Construction Tech ABQ, Honours Tech, specialist courses, and the principal in charge of technology ABQ courses for the past 18 years at OISE. He has been an active member of the OCTE executive for 12 years and served as Chair for 4 years. He also consulted for Council of Directors of Education (CODE) and OCTE to develop a response to the Coroner’s inquest Report for the Ottawa school fatality. In addition, Dave worked on Phase 2 and 3 of the Student Safety Initiative through CODE.

Darryl Spector

Darryl is the President of Promation Nuclear Ltd. Since joining Promation in 2004, Darryl has established himself as a strategic Operations professional and Executive leader. Coupling his strong and engaging communication style with his previous Engineering, Manufacturing, and Project Management experience, Darryl has been instrumental in driving growth and development evolutions within Promation.He has managed several strategic operational reorganizations within the company, which has seen more than 600% growth in revenue during this period.In addition, Darryl has been an agent of change and cultural definition, as attested to by Promation winning the Award of Excellence in the Large Business category in Oakville in 2016, and the Halton Employer's Choice Award in 2017.

On a personal level, Darryl is a very passionate and active advocate for promoting an awareness of the skilled trades at an early stage. He instills a deep and personal appreciation for the skilled trades, as well as articulating a clear and cohesive argument for the real and tangible benefits of engaging in the skilled trades at an early stage, and the substantial benefits it generates for an individual’s career prospects and horizons.

Darryl has a demonstrated history of volunteerism in mentoring both students from Secondary, College, and University institutions as well as mature foreign-trained professionals, and is proud to have had meaningful and tangible impacts on substantially enhancing their respective vocational successes. Darryl continues to collaborate with various regional Economic Development stakeholders, Government, and secondary and post-secondary academic institutions, and contributes to various OYAP and Program Advisory Committees (PAC's).

In sharing his unique, pragmatic, and widely encompassing perspectives on youth development, social engagement, community investment, localization, business development, and cross-industry collaboration, Darryl has established himself as an industry leader and is often consulted to contribute at government/public relations round-tables and industry conferences.

Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) from the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) and as a Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute.

Photo of Kevin Shea

Kevin Shea

Kevin has been a devoted teacher with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board for many years. He's been a key negotiator and leader with Ministry of Education resource development projects for OCTE as the Project Manager, Writer, and Contract Developer. As the Chair, he completed many major resource development projects as well as lobbying at the government level. His experience has been essential for the organization going forward, and working with other past chairs such as Dave Graves to continue to push the OCTE agenda for the benefit of members across Ontario.

Gord Nicholls

Gord is the Technical Support Manager for Sales and Operations at BMP Metals Inc. in Brampton. He has worked in the area of sheetmetal and machine shop manufacturing for over 35 years. Gord has been an amazing supporter of Technological Education with over two decades of support for high schools and colleges for the Apprenticeship Trades related to his industry. Gord has also been a FIRST Robotics mentor for over 10 years dedicating countless hours to help build manufacturing related programs in high schools in Ontario. He has a reputation of being able to fabricate anything from metal.


Photo of Christine German

Christine German, Manager of Growth & Innovation

Christine is our Manager of Growth & Innovation and thrilled to be hired as OCTE's first full-time employee. In her role, Christine is responsible for leadership and strategic development, conference and PD planning, member communications, grant writing and report development, financial management, website updates and supporting each OCTE Committee to accomplish their goals. Prior to her manager role with OCTE, Christine worked at the Halton District School Board for over 13 years as Pathways Project Manager and the board lead for Specialist High Skills Major and Dual Credit, and spent 3 years as the administrator for OCTE. Christine is committed to supporting all OCTE members and moving Technological Education forward across the province.

Email Christine with any questions or feedback for OCTE!

Constitution and Bylaws

OCTE operates by constitution with bylaws and procedures for change, and we review and make changes every year. If you believe something needs to change, you can make your voice heard by email or phone at any time or in person at the Annual General Meeting.

Click the links below to view or download the OCTE Constitution and Bylaws: